Orthodontics for Kids

Early orthodontic treatment may be taken by parents to prevent problems and major orthodontic treatment in the future. Some conditions are easier to correct at a younger age before the teeth and jaw have properly matured.

During the ages of 2-6, pediatric dentists will work to ensure that major treatment is not needed for the future. Some of their main concerns are early jaw and bite development, loss of primary teeth and the effects of thumb sucking on the teeth. It is not until approximately ages 7 and beyond that orthodontic treatment may be necessary.

Crossbites and overcrowding are just some of the issues that may need correcting as your child reaches adolescence and his/her teenage years. During these ages, orthodontists primarily focus on proper dental and jaw alignment.

Most often, your child’s first trip to the orthodontist may be between ages 8-10. Because most of the permanent incisors and molars have erupted, your child will have a mixture of primary and permanent teeth which allows for a proper diagnosis and treatment of potential issues.

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