Primary & Permanent Teeth Eruption

Importance of Baby Teeth

Primary teeth, or baby teeth, are important to care for and maintain to ensure proper dental development down the line. Children’s primary teeth will begin to form before birth.

Primary Teeth Eruption

Babies are usually born with 20 primary teeth that will begin to come in, or erupt, as early as four months. The lower central incisors are the first to erupt, followed by the upper central incisors. Although all 20 primary teeth often appear by age 3, the pace and order of eruption varies.

Primary teeth are important in proper eating and speaking, saving space for the permanent teeth and guiding them into the correct position, promoting good nutrition and permitting normal development of the jaw bones and muscles.


Permanent Teeth Eruption

Permanent teeth will begin to appear around age 6, starting with the first molars and lower central incisors. The front four teeth (incisors) will last until 6-7 years of age, while the back set (cuspids and molars) aren’t replaced until ages 10-13. This process will then continue throughout adolescence and into the teenage years until age 21 with the eruption of the third molars (or wisdom teeth).

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